GPS Express 3.x [Professional]

GPS Express 3.x [Professional] 3.2

GPS Express provide a feature rich interface to serial NMEA-0183...

GPS Express provide a feature rich interface to serial NMEA-0183 protocol data and works with most NMEA-0183 devices, including GPS Receivers.

GPS Express is available in three versions:Standard: Displays the title, value, and units for each parameter. Manual/Scan operation. Navigation buttons.

Manual/automatic sentence triggering. Comport indicators. Accepts third-party multi-level sentences. System date/time. Date/time stamp. Elapsed time.

Parity information. Web links to applicable third parties. Color-coded information. Free third-party sentence submission. Professional: All the features of the Standard version with the addition of logging functions, parity calculator, statistical information, and HTML reports.

Graphical: All the features of Standard and Professional version with the addition of graphical information and esMapMaster(tm) online mapping technology.

GPS Express greatly enhances the transmitting and receiving of NMEA-0183 data over basic terminal programs. GPS Express is targeted towards all NMEA-0183 data, while most comparable applications are targeted towards GPS only NMEA-0183 data.

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GPS Express 3.x [Professional]


GPS Express 3.x [Professional] 3.2

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